LEGO Rubber Duck Mosaic

My wife and I are expecting our first child this October. She’s really crafty and has been making a ton of artwork for the nursery, as well as knitting blankets and hats, and sewing a few sheets for the cradle. While I have helped paint the nursery, assembled all the furniture, and even installed crown molding in the nursery, I felt a bit left out in the creative department. I’m not very artistic at all. I wasn’t going to be able to do a painting or drawing (and have it actually look good). So, I turned to the only artistic medium I’m good with, LEGO. I used the LEGO Digital Designer to design the rubber duck mosaic seen below. We have a jungle/animal theme in the nursery, so the duck fits.

LEGO rubber duck mosaic

I ordered all the parts off of, which cost me about $36. I did order over 100 extra tiles to make sure I had enough if any were damaged or discolored. I would like to fill in the whole board with white 1×1 tiles, but that would probably cost another $60. My wife thinks it’s funny that my one project has cost more than all of hers combined so far, but I argue that the LEGO will be reusable once the kid grows out of the artwork.

Download LEGO Digital Designer Model

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