Random Password Generator API

I’ve created a very simple, very basic REST API for my random password generator. There are a maximum of 3 parameters to remember, and they can be in any order. All have default values, so they can be omitted if the default output suits your needs.

Base URI

This will generate a random password, 8 characters in length, in plain text, as a mixture of alphanumeric and special characters.


specifies the return type, allowing for more flexible application integration. The three options available are: plain, xml, and json. The default is plain text.
specifies the length of the password. The default is 8 characters, and the upper limit is whatever my shared host can handle, so be gentle.
specifies the complexity of the password. There are 3 options, alpha (letters only), alphaNumeric, and alphaNumSpecial (letters, numbers, and a select set of symbols). The default is alphaNumSpecial.


The parameters can be passed in any order and any combination, and are done so in the following way: