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LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Portraits

As a child of the 1980s-1990s, TMNT holds a special place in my heart. I have the entire original series on DVD (a little disappointed that it doesn’t hold up so well). I own the 3 original movies, and I still have most of my original TMNT toys from childhood. I’ve since bought numerous TMNT actions figures, shirts, and gotten into the comic books. So, this piece was a long time coming. The design is fairly simple. The bulk of the cost was in the backing, and having to place multiple orders across sellers because I couldn’t consolidate the parts list better. And, the part for the “knot” in Donatello’s bandana was only available in 2 sets, according to Brick Set.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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LEGO Rocket Ship Mosaic

This is another requested piece. The little boy’s room is space themed, and this rocket ship fits great. It was a little tough designing this one, trying to get enough detail to define the ship. I knew right away that I wanted to use the 2×2 round flat tiles for port holes. After doing some searching around the web for inspiration, I found a mosaic that had the rocket ship on a diagonal, and something about it just made it pop. I think it better displays the flight. I couldn’t find a black base plate at a reasonable price, so I got dark gray, which actually doesn’t look bad. It also doesn’t create too much contrast with the ship.

LEGO rocket ship mosaic

Download LEGO Digitial Designer Model

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LEGO Ladybug Mosaic

I made another LEGO mosaic. This one was requested by a friend to match the theme of their daughter’s bedroom. This one isn’t purely flat square tiles like my rubber duck. The spots and the eyes are raised. It would have been difficult to get that much detail on a piece this size with just square tiles.

LEGO ladybug mosaic

Download LEGO Digitial Designer Model

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LEGO Rubber Duck Mosaic

My wife and I are expecting our first child this October. She’s really crafty and has been making a ton of artwork for the nursery, as well as knitting blankets and hats, and sewing a few sheets for the cradle. While I have helped paint the nursery, assembled all the furniture, and even installed crown molding in the nursery, I felt a bit left out in the creative department. I’m not very artistic at all. I wasn’t going to be able to do a painting or drawing (and have it actually look good). So, I turned to the only artistic medium I’m good with, LEGO. I used the LEGO Digital Designer to design the rubber duck mosaic seen below. We have a jungle/animal theme in the nursery, so the duck fits.

LEGO rubber duck mosaic

I ordered all the parts off of, which cost me about $36. I did order over 100 extra tiles to make sure I had enough if any were damaged or discolored. I would like to fill in the whole board with white 1×1 tiles, but that would probably cost another $60. My wife thinks it’s funny that my one project has cost more than all of hers combined so far, but I argue that the LEGO will be reusable once the kid grows out of the artwork.

Download LEGO Digital Designer Model

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Lego Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Just some fun with a few minifigures. This might make for a good Lego themed video game, or even a Lego themed movie (couldn’t be worse than the live action one).

Lego Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Lego Christmas Village

I stitched together a picture of my Lego Christmas village. It consists of the four sets that are currently available.

Lego Christmas VillageLego Christmas Village

From left to right, Winter Village Cottage (10229), Winter Village Post Office (10222), Winter Village Bakery (10216), and Winter Village Toy Shop (10199).

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