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Bud Light Real American Heroes – Mr. Public Restroom Cellphone Talker Guy

I stumbled upon this idea I had way back when Bud Light had their Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius commercials. To give you an idea of how old this idea is, it was at a time when we had cell phones, not smartphones. I thought it would be appropriate to share now, maybe they can bring back these retro ads.

Real American Heroes – Mr. Public Restroom Cell Phone Talker Guy

Real American Heroes

Today we salute you Mr. Public Restroom Cell Phone Talker Guy (Mr. Public Restroom Talker Guuuy!). Gone are the days of missing a call. Whether it’s pissing at the urinal, or dealing with a case of explosive diarrhea, you don’t let it put a stop to business. After all, you’re so important, whoever you’re talking to won’t mind hearing flushing noises in the background. That’s why today, we salute you…

Mr. Public Restroom Cell Phone Talker Guy, taking care of business – while taking care of business.
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Sears Problem Is Not the Internet

Sears was an online retailer before the internet was a thing. It’s failing because it’s poorly run. Customer service is atrocious. Online, staff is usually ignorant on how to resolve your problem. I once had a package get lost in the mail (understandable). I contacted Sears, and they told me I would have to wait 1-2 weeks while they investigate. Meanwhile, Amazon would overnight a new item to rectify the situation.

Physical locations are poorly staffed. When trying to check out, I would often have to walk the store to find a register that was open and staffed. Picking up an online order would take upwards of 15 minutes sometimes. It would have been faster for me to walk in, pick the item up off the shelf, and checkout, were it not for the aforementioned problem of checking out. Shelves and clothing racks were often poorly stocked. I shop at a physical store because I need something now, often times like a tool while working on a project. If you don’t have what I need in stock, you’re useless.

Stores were poorly lit. What I mean is that the lighting was out of date, and just made the store feel old and out of date. Stores are dirty. And, while most brick and mortar retailers have taken steps to modernize and update their physical locations, Sears has decided to try to continually cut costs.

Kmart suffers from many of the same problems.

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Shock Top, Taking Your Concerns “Very Seriously”

I recently wrote to Shock Top to complain about one of their beers. Their Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat Ale was honestly (I am not exaggerating) one of the worst, if not the worst, beers I have ever had. I couldn’t even finish the beer I opened. Their reply is below. The only way they could have put less care into it is if it started “Hello INSERT_FIRST_NAME_HERE,”.

Hello Seth,

Jennifer here with Shock Top. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and write our team. It’s great to hear from our friends in Florida. I read that you recently the new Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Ale and that you were not happy with it.

I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us about how you found it to be the worst beer you’ve ever had. Part of my job exists to make sure voices like yours are heard and I wanted to let you know that we have shared your comments with the right team. We are always developing a wide range of beer styles to meet the variety of tastes that exist and we will be sure to keep you in mind as we move forward with our brews.

You can learn more about our beers by checking us out online at Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook for the latest news, updates, and promotions we have going on with our beers.

Thanks again for writing us about Shock Top, Seth.  Feel free to drop me a line anytime about the beer or anything we do. Until then, I raise my glass to you.



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Javascript Explode and Implode

This is a really simple problem that many PHP developers come across when working with Javascript. Some common tasks in PHP are to explode a string or implode an array. While there are no methods in Javascript named explode or implode, the same functionality is very easy to accomplish.

First, let’s tackle PHP’s explode. To do the same thing in Javascript, you would want to use the string method split() as follows:

var myStr = "Hello World";
var myArr = myStr.split(" ");

The resulting array myArr would contain [‘Hello’, ‘World’]

Next on to PHP’s implode. To do the same thing in Javascript, you would want to use the array method join() as follows:

var myArr = [“abc”, “def “,”ghi”, “jkl”];
var myStr = myArr.join(‘,’);

The string myStr now equals ‘abc,def,ghi,jkl’

There you have it, simple, effective Javascript equivalents for PHP’s implode and explode

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WordPress Migration

I got sick of having to reinvent the wheel with CakePHP every time I wanted to make a post with some feature I was missing. So, I finally migrated my site to WordPress. There will be missing functionality for a while, but I wanted to at least get the site up and running. Over the coming weeks/months, I will work on replacing any missing functionality on the site.

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One Reason Why I Continually Shop Wtih Amazon

In short, their customer service.

Companies are bound to make mistakes. Orders will be misplaced, packages damaged during shipping, and products will malfunction or break. It’s how a company responds to those problems that makes them great, and I have consistently had a great experience with Amazon.

Most recently, I had an issue with a DVD I purchased. I had bought the I Love Lucy Complete Series (affiliate link) for my then fiance in October of 2010 (over a year ago). Well, since it’s 34 discs, we weren’t able to watch it all right away. In fact, we are just now getting close to finishing it. The second to last disc of the set gave us problems. It would not play properly, getting stuck in a loop on one of the production logos. We were unable to navigate to the menu or any other part of the disc. I checked the disc, and there were a couple scratches, which I know we didn’t cause because this was our first time handling it.

Since it was purchased over a year prior, I figured we were screwed, but I would try to contact the manufacturer. I checked the packaging, and found, so I try to bring up the page, but it doesn’t exist anymore. I can’t find any sort of useful link on the Paramount home page. I search for the CBS Home Entertainment website, which does have a contact page, but no contact form on it. They do have links to Twitter and Facebook, so I contact them through Twitter, and wait for a response.

In the mean time, I figure it won’t hurt to contact Amazon, since they are often very helpful, and maybe can at least get me in contact with the manufacturer. I explain the issue with the disc in an email, and ask if they are able to replace the single disc. I get an email within a couple hours letting me know that they cannot replace the single disc, but are willing to replace the entire set for me. They sent me a replacement, and are paying for the return shipping on the defective set. Their service is much more than I asked for, and certainly more than I expected, but why I continue to buy with confidence from Amazon.

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DC Comics Sea World Ad from 1977

I thought this old ad from one of my comics was neat. There’s a coupon to save $0.75 off each Sea World park ticket. It might not seem like a lot, but remember tickets were probably $20 a piece or less at the time.

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Walt Disney World Orlando VS Universal Orlando Resort

I was browsing Google Maps recently and noticed how large Walt Disney World Orlando is compared to Universal Orlando Resort. In the image below you can see Disney in the purple, and Universal in the red. To be fair, the purple is only the land Disney owns, and not necessarily their entire resort. With Universal, all that red is the entire resort. As you can see, they have no room to grow. Good planning on their part.


Walt Disney World Orlando VS Universal Orlando

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Samsung Fascinate Screen Capture

With the recent update to Android 2.2 Froyo, the Samsung Fascinate has the ability to take screen shots. There’s no need to root your phone, or even install other programs. Simply hold down the back button and push the power button. You will see a message stating “Screen captured. Saved as image file.” At this point, if this is your first time taking a screen capture, a folder will be created on your micro SD card labeled ScreenCapture.

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Grooveshark User

If you don’t know about Grooveshark, it’s a really nice service that allows you to listen to just about any music your heart would desire. Unlike other free music streaming services, you can listen to the exact songs you want whenever you want, and however many times you want. Add music to a library, mark your favorites, make playlists and share them with friends.

They offer a VIP service for a monthly/yearly fee that provides an ad-free online experience, allows more songs to be added to your library and playlists, as well as access to their mobile apps. I’ve been so pleased with their service, that I signed up for their VIP service back in November, before I ever had a smartphone with a supported platform. They had planned to increase their subscription prices, but subscribers would be locked in at the price they initially paid forever. I knew I would eventually want to use their services on a mobile device, and didn’t mind giving them my money to support the service while I wasn’t using any of their mobile apps.

I’ve since purchased an Android phone and use their mobile app frequently. There’s a small bug that won’t update your playlists if you’ve added/removed songs via the website. It’s a bug they know of, and they say a workaround is to rename the playlist via the website, and this will force the mobile application to update. It’s an annoyance, but one I can deal with. I ran into another bug a little over a month ago. One of my playlists was emptied. I contacted them to figure out what happened and if there was a backup. They apologized, but they didn’t have any backup. There’s also no way for users to back up their playlists themselves. It wasn’t too big of a deal, I mean, it’s just some music. The playlists can be rebuilt, nothing of monetary value was lost. I rebuilt my playlists and moved on, until it happened again. I contacted Grooveshark again about the situation, and they apologized again, and added 3 months of VIP service to my account at no charge. There’s really not much I could do other than rebuild the affected playlists again. It has since happened a third and fourth time over the past month and a half (I’ve been comped another 3 months of VIP service, giving me a total of 6 months for free), with Grooveshark still not backing up user data, nor providing users with a means to do it themselves.

Grooveshark really provided a great service, one that I raved about to friends frequently. As with many other Web 2.0 services, you might say I have little/no room to complain about issues with a free service, and I would agree, but I am a paying customer. Sure, it’s just music, but I enjoy creating playlists of different types of music, different moods, etc. It’s time consuming, and inexcusable for Grooveshark to not have backups of user data, especially for paying customers. At this point, I’ve stopped using Grooveshark, and won’t use it again until the situation is resolved (even for free). I need to be assured that my data will not be lost, partially or totally, on a regular basis, or at the very least be provided with a way to back up my data if Grooveshark will not do it for me. It’s a shame because Grooveshark had a truly great service, and one of the few that I would gladly pay for.

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