SVN Ignore

Telling SVN to ignore files and directories is crucial to keeping your repository clean, and to prevent it from needlessly bloating. It’s rather simple to tell SVN what you want it to ignore with svn propset/propedit svn:ignore. If you want SVN to ignore all files in a directory, you’d simply enter the following command: svn… Continue reading SVN Ignore

SVN – Creating a New Repository

Creating a new repository with Subversion is simple. Just run the following command on your svn server: svnadmin create /path/to/svn/ This will create a new, blank repository with the name “”. Now you will want to do one of two things, import an existing project, or setup the initial directory structure for your new repository.… Continue reading SVN – Creating a New Repository

SVN Copy – Creating a Branch or Tag

Tagging and branching with svn are as simple as using the copy command. For this tutorial, I will assume that your repository has the following structure: /path/to/repository/branches /path/to/repository/tags /path/to/repository/trunk To create a tag of the trunk, run the following command: svn copy To create a tag of your current working copy (assuming you… Continue reading SVN Copy – Creating a Branch or Tag