Amazon Discontinues 30-Day Price Guarantee

While it was some time ago, I recently found out that has discontinued it’s 30-day price guarantee as of September 1, 2008. For those of you who may not know what this is or the incredible value of it, it was an excellent service that allow you receive a refund of the price difference within 30-days of the purchase if the price of an item had decreased. This made many people feel more comfortable purchasing from Amazon, since their prices fluctuate on a regular basis. Coupled with Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping on most orders), it was a system that almost guaranteed people would return to Amazon often. I think this is a mistake on Amazon’s part. I’m sure they didn’t make as much money in the short term, with having to issue refunds often. One thing it did do though, was give people confidence in doing business with Amazon, and most likely created many return customers, something that is very difficult to do online.