Discover New Music With

If you don’t know, is an internet radio station. You can learn more about the general stuff on the website. This post is about how to discover new music now that you are using Here’s a list of some ways to discover new music with

  • recommended music station
  • Listen to an artist
  • Listen to friend’s radio stations
  • Listen to tags

The easiest way to discover new music is to listen to the recommended music station. This is tailored to you based on the music you already listen to. Depending on how diverse your taste in music is, this will play music from numerous genres

Selecting a specific artist will usually play at least one song from that artist, and then similar artists, usually in the same, or similar genres. So if I were to start listening to Rolling Stones, this station would most likely not play Ludacris.

You can befriend people on and listen to their radio station. This is a great way to discover new music, especially if your friends have different tastes than you do.

Last, but my favorite, is tags. You can type in a tag, and listen to music that has been tagged with whatever you’ve typed in. This can be as general as basic genre like, rock, rap, hip-hop, techno, and etc. The really interesting thing is putting in more obscure tags. Some of my recent favorite are, progressive metal, video game rock, mega man, and underground.