Changing the Default Currency in DigiSHOP

DigiSHOP is not one to let you do things on your own. The code has little comments, and none of them are useful to developers wanting to customize the shopping cart. As always, any customizations you make will void your warranty, so customize at your own risk.

If you have already installed your shopping cart, but want a different default currency than the current one, SumEffect says you need to call them and have them do it, or void your warranty. It’s actually very simple to accomplish though. All it takes is a few changes to the settings.

First, connect to the database, and bring up the ds_settings table. For this tutorial, I am going to assume that the current default currency is USD. You will need to change the following settings, from their values below.

locale = “en_US” = “en_US”
locale.showIntCurrSymbol = “N”
mCountry = “United States”
merchantCountry = “US”
taxCountry = “US”

For this tutorial, I am going to change the default currency to Canadian dollars. I will have to change these settings as follows:

locale = “en_CA” = “en_CA”
locale.showIntCurrSymbol = “Y”
mCountry = “Canada”
merchantCountry = “CA”
taxCountry = “CA”

Really, not all of these settings need to be changed, but this will ensure fewer issues later on. The locale.showIntCurrSymbol setting only needs to be changed from N to Y if you want the international currency symbol to be displayed, instead of the dollar (US) sign. Further, the mCountry, merchantCountry and taxCountry only need to be changed if the store’s billing address is located outside of the current country.