Nature Valley National Parks Project

As I was eating my highly nutritious granola bar breakfast this morning, I noticed some writing on the wrapper. Nature Valley National Parks Project will donate $0.10 for each wrapper you mail in, through August 31, 2010. My first WTF was “why would I spend $0.42 on a stamp for you to donate $0.10?” I’m sure I could mail more than one per envelope, but it’s still not very cost effective. Secondly, if this is about nature and preservation, wouldn’t it be better to have a code on the wrapper that I can enter into a website so i don’t have to waste a paper envelope, and fossil fuels don’t need to be burned to deliver all these wrappers to your processing plant? I should note that they will donate a minimum of $250,000 (and a maximum of $500,00), but this seems more like a poorly done marketing campaign, and a mock effort at actually helping the environment.