Javascript Explode and Implode

This is a really simple problem that many PHP developers come across when working with Javascript. Some common tasks in PHP are to explode a string or implode an array. While there are no methods in Javascript named explode or implode, the same functionality is very easy to accomplish. First, let’s tackle PHP’s explode. To… Continue reading Javascript Explode and Implode

Lego Christmas Village

I stitched together a picture of my Lego Christmas village. It consists of the four sets that are currently available. From left to right, Winter Village Cottage (10229), Winter Village Post Office (10222), Winter Village Bakery (10216), and Winter Village Toy Shop (10199).

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Say Goodbye to

So my dad says I don’t make enough revenue to justify the $10/year to pay for the domain. This will be my last post on this site, but don’t fret, I’m renting out space on my dad’s site So, come visit me at Kona’s Korner.

WordPress Migration

I got sick of having to reinvent the wheel with CakePHP every time I wanted to make a post with some feature I was missing. So, I finally migrated my site to WordPress. There will be missing functionality for a while, but I wanted to at least get the site up and running. Over the… Continue reading WordPress Migration

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The Things I Put Up With

My parents think it’s funny to make me crawl through this box to get my bone. I try to tell them to just open the other end of the box so I can get it out, but they’re too dumb to understand. So, I humor them, and crawl through the pitch black box.

Oh Dad!

My dad can be so embarrassing sometimes.

A Day at the Park

Here’s some picture from my first day at the park since my surgery and recovery. I couldn’t wait to get there. It was a blast, but I need to work on my cardio. A couple of sprints after my ball and FrisbeeĀ®, and I was panting like, well, a dog.