Seinfeld Action Figures

I like action figures. Unlike some collectors, I don’t focus on just a single line, like Transformers or GI Joe. I tend to get a little of everything, from Transformers, to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario, Wall-E, Walking Dead, Back to the Future, Lego minifigures, Marvel and DC, the Muppets, and Ghostbusters, just to […]

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Lego Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Just some fun with a few minifigures. This might make for a good Lego themed video game, or even a Lego themed movie (couldn’t be worse than the live action one).

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I found a gecko in the house the other night. He was a real pain to catch, but didn’t seem to mind me once I had him.

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Cocoa Cay Hermet Crab

We found this little guy on a jetty in Cocoa Cay. He was friendly enough to pose for a few pics.

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Hawk in the Neighborhood

I saw this hawk perched on a small oak tree in the neighborhood. It let me get pretty close, less than 100 feet. Then I got a little too close, and it flew away.

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Javascript Explode and Implode

This is a really simple problem that many PHP developers come across when working with Javascript. Some common tasks in PHP are to explode a string or implode an array. While there are no methods in Javascript named explode or implode, the same functionality is very easy to accomplish. First, let’s tackle PHP’s explode. To […]

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Lego Christmas Village

I stitched together a picture of my Lego Christmas village. It consists of the four sets that are currently available. From left to right, Winter Village Cottage (10229), Winter Village Post Office (10222), Winter Village Bakery (10216), and Winter Village Toy Shop (10199).

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WordPress Migration

I got sick of having to reinvent the wheel with CakePHP every time I wanted to make a post with some feature I was missing. So, I finally migrated my site to WordPress. There will be missing functionality for a while, but I wanted to at least get the site up and running. Over the […]

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One Reason Why I Continually Shop Wtih Amazon

In short, their customer service. Companies are bound to make mistakes. Orders will be misplaced, packages damaged during shipping, and products will malfunction or break. It’s how a company responds to those problems that makes them great, and I have consistently had a great experience with Amazon. Most recently, I had an issue with a […]

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DC Comics Sea World Ad from 1977

I thought this old ad from one of my comics was neat. There’s a coupon to save $0.75 off each Sea World park ticket. It might not seem like a lot, but remember tickets were probably $20 a piece or less at the time.

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