Off to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic

So, it’s most likely a slipped or ruptured disc at this point. My parents had to bring me to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Casselberry this morning because I lost mobility in my hind legs. It’s basically like my rear end is drunk while the front end is fine. I haven’t lost control of my bladder or bowels yet, which is a good sign. One of the nurses was nice enough to let me borrow her laptop so I could make this update.

I’m on an IV for pain as well as nutrients. They’ve had to insert a catheter a few times to “express my bladder”, a rather unusual phrase. It’s really freakin’ uncomfortable, so they decided to just leave it in, which still isn’t comfortable, but better than insertion and extraction over and over. I finally got my appetite back late in the evening. The food here isn’t that bad, I don’t get why people always complain about hospital food. I’m feeling pretty loopy from the medication, so I’m signing off now. I’ll try to post a copy of the journal they’re keeping for me here if I can get to a scanner.


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