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Submitting a Form With jQuery

On a recent project I was working on, I had to have a form submit when the option was changed on a select box. This is a simple task with jQuery. I just had to add a the change() event listener to the appropriate select boxes, and then submit the form. It didn’t work though. The event listener worked, but the form would not submit. I tried several solutions, all pretty much the same in the end. None of them worked, and then I realized that I named my submit button “submit”. It’s a force of habit, something I do without even thinking. It is what caused my solution to break though. “Submit” is a reserved word and it prevented jQuery from submitting my form.

Naming your submit buttons “submit’ is not a good idea anyway. It is a bad habit I have, and will now be broken from this point forth. Remember, if you want to submit your form with jQuery, don’t name your submit buttons “submit”. Better yet, avoid using reserved words at all.

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Kona on the Indo Board

My dog, Kona, used to be terrified of my Indo Board. He wouldn’t even go near it when it was stationary. But, a few treats and he rides on it with me now.

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Why the Wii Fit Works (and Why It Doesn’t)

In case you don’t know, the Wii Fit is an exercise game for the Wii. There is much debate as to whether or not it is a viable source for exercise. Today, I will explain why both sides are correct.

Why It Works:

  • Allows you to set goals for BMI and body weight, and track your progress toward those goals
  • It provides a variety of Aerobic, Isotonic, and Isometric exercises.
  • It promotes competition, whether it be to beat your own high score, or beat those that also use your Wii Fit

Why It Doesn’t Work:

  • It is easy to “cheat” at the games, meaning you can still do well but with minimal physical effort.
  • If you spend most of your time playing the Balance Games, you will not get much exercise.
  • You have to use the Wii Fit for it to work. Just like any other exercise, it only works if you do it.

The Wii Fit should not be seen as a replacement for a full exercise regiment. In my opinion it is best for times when you cannot make it to the gym, or the weather prevents you from running or biking. It is definitely better than no exercise at all though. Just remember to stay motivated and set achievable goals.

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Animated Loading GIF Generator

I found this nifty little application that lets you generate a custom animated “loading” GIF. There are over 30 different images to choose from, with the ability to customize the color.

Animated Loading GIF Generator

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Discover New Music With

If you don’t know, is an internet radio station. You can learn more about the general stuff on the website. This post is about how to discover new music now that you are using Here’s a list of some ways to discover new music with

  • recommended music station
  • Listen to an artist
  • Listen to friend’s radio stations
  • Listen to tags

The easiest way to discover new music is to listen to the recommended music station. This is tailored to you based on the music you already listen to. Depending on how diverse your taste in music is, this will play music from numerous genres

Selecting a specific artist will usually play at least one song from that artist, and then similar artists, usually in the same, or similar genres. So if I were to start listening to Rolling Stones, this station would most likely not play Ludacris.

You can befriend people on and listen to their radio station. This is a great way to discover new music, especially if your friends have different tastes than you do.

Last, but my favorite, is tags. You can type in a tag, and listen to music that has been tagged with whatever you’ve typed in. This can be as general as basic genre like, rock, rap, hip-hop, techno, and etc. The really interesting thing is putting in more obscure tags. Some of my recent favorite are, progressive metal, video game rock, mega man, and underground.

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K-Lite Codec Pack for Mac

I had to do a bit of searching to find this, so I figured it would be useful for others. If you’re newer to OS X and Quicktime, and are used to using the K-Lite Codec packs for Windows, you’re probably wondering what to do for your Mac. Download Perian, and install it. It will be all that you need.

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Achieving Your Goals

Having a hard time losing the weight? Just can’t seem to find the time to start learning a new programming language? Make it a contest. Find a friend that wants to achieve a similar goal, and make a friendly competition out of it. Set a goal, lose 5 pounds in a month, write a basic application in the new language in a month’s time, the loser buys lunch. It’s enough of an incentive to want to beat your friend, but nothing that will ruin the friendship*.

*Seth Cardoza provides no warranty as to the status of your friendship at the end of the contest.

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Super Bowl Office Pool Sheet

It’s that time of year again. Yep, time for some office gambling. I whipped up a quick sheet and figured I would share it with the world. I’m sure someone will need one, and this will look somewhat professional. Click here to view and print, and see below for a preview.

Preview Super Bowl Office Pool Sheet

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Visit A Comic Shop

If you are in the Orlando area and enjoy comics, A Comic Shop is the place for you. It’s small, but has a great selection of current comics. If you’re looking for something a bit older, they’ll be more than happy to find it for you. All the employees there are knowledgeable about their products and often give great recommendations for something new.

If you aren’t into comic books but want to get started, A Comic Shop has a great program for you. Most comic shops have one free comic book day each year, where you have to wait in line with everyone else to get a staff selected free comic book, which will not suit every one’s interests. A Comic Shop updates free comic book day for today’s generation with My Free Comic Book Day. If you follow the link, you can print out a coupon for a free comic book up to a $3.99 value. You can pick out anything in the store, and if you don’t know what might interest you, ask the staff and they will be glad to help you find something.

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Amazon Discontinues 30-Day Price Guarantee

While it was some time ago, I recently found out that has discontinued it’s 30-day price guarantee as of September 1, 2008. For those of you who may not know what this is or the incredible value of it, it was an excellent service that allow you receive a refund of the price difference within 30-days of the purchase if the price of an item had decreased. This made many people feel more comfortable purchasing from Amazon, since their prices fluctuate on a regular basis. Coupled with Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping on most orders), it was a system that almost guaranteed people would return to Amazon often. I think this is a mistake on Amazon’s part. I’m sure they didn’t make as much money in the short term, with having to issue refunds often. One thing it did do though, was give people confidence in doing business with Amazon, and most likely created many return customers, something that is very difficult to do online.

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